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A Brief Interlude

The Folly Flâneuse is taking a short break to catch up with family, friends, and (of course) follies, and will be back next week. She sends her best wishes to all readers, and hopes that you too are able to enjoy the relaxation of restrictions, whilst remaining safe and well.

Meanwhile here is the jaunty yellow boathouse at Belton Park in Lincolnshire. Designed by Anthony Salvin and built in c.1838-9, it was restored by the National Trust in 2008.

The Needle’s Eye, Wentworth Woodhouse. Subscribe and discover many other fascinating follies.


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6 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude”

  1. John Sanders says:

    Enjoy your time with family. The yellow boathouse is lovely. I think of Salvin as quite a dour architect – probably due to his castles and churches – so it’s good to see this side of his architectural personality.

    1. Editor says:

      Thank you John, and I hope you are enjoying a sunny weekend. It’s a lovely boathouse, so cheerful.

  2. Gand says:

    Are you really having an interlude with your brief? If so do enjoy.

    1. Editor says:

      I can’t comment for legal reasons…

  3. Ivan Burrows says:

    Missing you already

    1. Editor says:

      Back soon! Thank you

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