About The Folly Flâneuse

Folly: a building that has been constructed as an ornament, often in a large park or garden or as an eye-catcher in a prominent position.

Flâneuse: a woman who strolls and sees.


The small print: All photos by The Folly Flâneuse unless otherwise credited. All text and photos copyright of The Folly Flâneuse, unless otherwise credited, and may not be used without permission. Every attempt has been made to ensure that historic images are appropriately credited and permission obtained for the use of copyrighted material.

Most posts are based on The Folly Flâneuse’s own visits to a site but occasionally posts will be research-based only, particularly in the case of lost follies.

The Folly Flâneuse is always happy to help with further information. Contact can be made via the comments box under each post or by the email on the contact page. Do get in touch with any Folly news.