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Happy New Year

The Folly Flâneuse was recently introduced to a fascinating periodical called The Heaton Review. It was produced in Bradford from 1927-1934 and featured a miscellany of words and pictures: the 1934 edition included, amongst much more, writing by G.K. Chesterton, Kenneth Grahame and Dorothy Una Ratcliffe and illustrations by Jacob Kramer and Richard Eurich.

As is so often the case with vintage magazines, the advertisements are as interesting as the articles. With the new year imminent, the flâneuse spotted a page which suggested an excellent plan for 2023:The Folly Flâneuse wishes you good health, drowsy comfort and an occasional fancy cake in 2023. She herself will continue to climb as many hill tops, preferably ones topped with follies, as she possibly can.

Pictured here is the late 18th century Prospect Tower at Cotehele, in Cornwall, the object of a hill top climb in November 2022.

Thank you for reading. The Folly Flâneuse will be back in action next week. 

The Needle’s Eye, Wentworth Woodhouse. Subscribe and discover many other fascinating follies.


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4 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Iain A Maciver of Strathendry says:

    Happy New Year, to the “Folly Flaneuse” and her long suffering husband who accompanies her to all these wonderful quirky buildings. Reading the posts always brightens my Saturday mornings!!

    1. Editor says:

      Hello Iain and all best wishes for 2023. I hope our paths cross again before too long.

  2. Mrs Barbara Howard says:

    Ha ha! Happy New Year to you too, Editor.
    I thought I was pretty familiar with the landscape around Heaton/Bradford but I didn’t recognise that, what looked like at first glance, an isolated church tower. Next time I visit Cotehele I shall ‘look out’ for The Prospect Tower. Thank you. Barbara.

    1. Editor says:

      Sorry to confuse you. I did briefly consider photoshopping a folly tower onto the hill in the ad, before remembering I wouldn’t know how! Best wishes for 2023 to you Barbara.

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