Folly, Kent, Temple

Season’s Greetings

The Temple, Cobham Hall, Kent. Photo courtesy of The Folly Flâneuse's good friend The Garden Historian.

Taking it easy as Christmas approaches, the Folly Flâneuse was flicking through a copy of The Home Owner magazine from December 1937. She was delighted to discover one writer’s thoughts on follies at that date. Follies were, he wrote :

‘the natural off-spring of the union of too much money with too little brain…set up ostensibly to improve the view, but really to advertise some wealthy nit-wit’

On that note a very merry Christmas and there will be more nit-wits and their creations in 2019.

The Needle’s Eye, Wentworth Woodhouse. Subscribe and discover many other fascinating follies.


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4 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings”

  1. Gand says:

    May we take this opportunity to wish the flaneuse a jolly splendid festive season. G×N.

    1. Editor says:

      How kind 🌲

  2. Garance says:

    Not taking it that easy if time of the latest post is anything to go by! but thank you for making me smile – just love the 1930s take on meaning… and the term nit wit, sure we will find many occasions in 2019 to use it.

    Wishing you a Folly good Christmas


    1. Editor says:

      Thanks G but I must confess that the post automatically appears at 7am. La flâneuse was safely tucked up in bed then!

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