Folly, West Yorkshire

The Folly Flâneuse at The Print Project

The Folly Flâneuse recently enjoyed a great day at The Print Project in Shipley, West Yorkshire, learning all about letterpress printing. Owner Nick was patient, erudite and entertaining; chatting about the history of print as we worked on the practical stuff. So many common phrases come from the world of printing, he explained, so I was grateful not to be ‘out of sorts’ and was careful to ‘mind my Ps and Qs’. I know I ‘made an impression’ as here it is above. In fact I made a hundred impressions and it was hard work.
My ‘folly’ logo was created in the workshop using a Day & Collins font and painstakingly hand printed on a Korrex Nuremberg, built in Germany around 1972.

If you’d like a card message me via the ‘contact’ section.

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4 thoughts on “The Folly Flâneuse at The Print Project”

  1. Jonathan Bedford says:

    Would it be a cliché to suggest you were stereotyped as a novice while printing your logo?

    1. Editor says:

      Oh dear this could run and run. I soon became a dab hand.

  2. Gand says:

    Before we get too out of sorts with this, maybe we should just put it to bed.

    1. Editor says:


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